BDTA - 503 - Rapilock 147, Indoor Trainer Thru axle set for Road disc rear ø12x142

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RapiLock Axle 147 (Indoor Trainer)

Indoor Trainer Through Axle Set for Road disc Rear φ12x142

RapiLock Axle provide a measurement guide including 3 different axle lengths:147/154/164mm along with different thread pitches P1.0/P1.5/P1.75 and lengths. With mentioned system, it is available for most bicycles to connect with indoor trainers.

Rapilock Universal Thru axle

RapiLock Axle 147 comes with 6 different threads can pair up to 10 different specification covering at least 80% of market sizes for Roaddisc rear wheel.

With this unique axle design, the axle not only is compatible to all indoor trainers but also able to keep the bike concise and secure.

The lever allows tool-free and easy handling.


Weight for Reference:
M12xP1.5x160mm Thread Length 13mm=55g

Aluminum 7075 Axle Length Ø12x147mm x1 piece

Aluminum 7075 Thread x6 pieces
  • Blue: M12*P1.0 Thread Length 20mm
  • Red: M12*P1.0 Thread Length 13mm
  • Brown: M12*P1.5 Thread Length 18mm
  • Green: M12*P1.5 Thread Length 15mm
  • Purple: M12*P1.5 Thread Length 13mm
  • Pink: M12*P1.75 Thread Length 20mm

Skewer x1 piece
Spacer x1 piece
Cone x1 piece
allen wrench x1 piece

Safety/Quality Approvals

All bicycle products are tested and passed according to ISO 4210 regulation.

Download Measurement Guide for Roaddisc

  • As lengte - Axle length - Longueur d'axe: 156mm ==> 171mm
  • As diameter - Axle diameter - Diamètre de l'axe: ø12
  • Draad type - Threade pitch - Type de filetage: M15x1.0 - M15x1.5 - M15x1.75
  • Draad lengte - Thread length - Longueur de filet: 13mm ==> 20mm
  • Contact oppervlak - Contact surface - Surface de contact: vlak - flat - plat  of/or/ou  conisch - conical - conique
  • Naaf O.L.D - Hub O.L.D - Moyeux O.L.D: 142mm
  • Sluiting - Closure - Fermeture: Geïntegreerde snelsluiting, integrated quick release, serrage rapide intégrée
  • Materiaal - Material - Matériau: aluminum - alloy
  • Kleur - Color - Couleur: zwart - black - noir

Meer informatie
Lengte Variabel
As diameter 12
Bevestiging Snelsluiting
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BDTA - 503 - Rapilock 147, Indoor Trainer Thru axle set for Road disc rear ø12x142