BD- s1b - 12x142mm axle M12x1 threading - DTswiss/Sram/Shimano

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Bout voor bevestiging DT Swiss/Sram/Shimano 12x142mm axle - M12x1 threading
Lock nut for DT Swiss/Sram/Shimano 12x142mm axle - M12x1 threading
Vis pour fixation DT Swiss/Sram/Shimano 12x142mm axle - M12x1 threading

Notice the 3 different standards and choose the correct option for your bike Upgrading a standard axle to 12mm with a derailleur hanger that supports a lock nut? This is the product for you... Also meant to lock the axle after it's broken or replaced and the axle threading does not fit the old nut 3rd case is when the original nut threading is torn The nut can be locked from 2 angles

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  • Doppia Corsa T2
Meer informatie
Materiaal CNC aluminium
Kleur Polish
Bevestiging aan frame buitenkant
Aantal gaten (voor bevestiging aan frame) 1
Uitsnede divers
Schroefdraad in pat (voor bevest. aan frame) Nee
Merk Patten Bottechia
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